August 8, 2016

About Vibe

Who are we?

At Vibe we specialise in Group and 1 to 1 Personal Training. We also offer gym memberships, yoga classes and rehabilitation. We developed Bury’s original boot camps in 2009 which are designed to get maximum results in the shortest time. We are also the only gym in Bury with a creche.

Our facilities include 4 training studios, holding a variety of different activities and classes for all ages and fitness levels.

Our personal trainers are very experienced, well certified and have a full and varied knowledge within the industry. They not only train the public but also train the trainers of the future, passing on their abilities to the next generation of professional trainers.

Whatever your goals, whether its weight loss, fitness, marathon training, core strength, boxing or anything else training related, we can help you achieve results fast. Our clients and members come from all over the Greater Manchester area, as well as from Bury itself, to take advantage of our outstanding facilities and trainers.

At Vibe we understand that you will get results quicker with a target to aim for. Our staff and members regularly take part in challenges which give a reason to train, and achieve fantastic results. In the past there has been the Manchester to Blackpool Bike ride, Wilmslow Triathlon and Tough Mudder, to name but a few. So if you want to see where Vibe can take you, come and join us today!

Our gym membership packages start from just £25. We also have membership packages for Group Bootcamps, Personal Training, Rehab and use of our Creche.

We also run regular social events for those wanting to make friends. In the past we’ve done Escape Rooms, Xmas parties, bowling, trips to the races and paintballing.

Customer Testimonials

Maria Findlay  –   “I came to Vibe around April 2014, post baby number 2, and attended 3 amazing bootcamps per week, this helped me to lose a massive 2 stone!! I think it took around 6/7 months and I went from 11st 10lb to 9st 10lb.

Massive thanks to all the VIBE trainers – you work us hard but results speak for themselves!”

Sonia Veccione  –  “20 months ago I chose Vibe Studios in my home town of Bury as the place to get me toned up for my upcoming wedding over in sunny Florida. Not only did I smash my goal of achieving the tight, firm toned body I’d always desired, I also went from a size 10 to a 6-8 in just 3 months! (much to the annoyance of my seamstress!)

These outstanding results were achieved by taking a combination of their fab varied studio classes, fun bootcamps & Personal Training sessions for days when we all need that little extra push! And of course, implementing a healthy, clean diet and having a strong will to succeed. The results were so impressive at Vibe, that I continue on in my membership, long after my initial wedding days, progressing to the point now of heavy weight training which I seem to have a natural affinity with and absolutely love it! To maximise and complement these results, I also partake in the many conditioning & cardio classes the club offers, and can say with the utmost confidence that I am currently in the best physical condition of my life and shaping up to be a lean, mean, fat fighting machine thanks to the care and progression under Vibe Studios. Neil & the staff there are amazing and always on hand to offer their expertise on nutrition, dietary advice and exercises, and all are completely approachable and there to help you achieve your absolute very best.

In summary, I can honestly, hand on heart say that since choosing Vibe, my health, strength, focus, energy – and figure – have never been so good – Cheers Vibe!”

sonia wedding

Ian Cockcroft –  “I joined Vibe 4 years ago and have loved their boot camps and studio classes. In that time I have lost around 4 stone and over 10% body fat. I have turned 40 this year and have competed in 2 triathlons and Tough Mudder North West for the first time.

I would not have been able to complete any of these without the training and help from the friendly team at Vibe.

The sense of family is stronger in Vibe than in any of the other gyms that I have been a member of.

Keep up the good work guys and i look forward to completing more challenges over the coming years.”

Fleetwood Tri Sept 2014


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